Chronic Neck Pain

Solutions for Chronic Neck Pain

The neck is a complicated connection of bones, muscles, circulatory networks, and veins. They work extremely well with each other when everything is in order. Because of this complexity, chronic neck pain can be both painful as well as limit an individual’s mobility. If not dealt with properly, neck pain can continue to frustrate a person more and more, lasting for weeks and even months. Residents in Allen Park and Dearborn Heights can trust us at Mi Spine Management Clinic to help them with all of their chronic neck pain treatment.

Chronic Neck Pain

Symptoms of Chronic Neck Pain

The most immediate and common symptoms of chronic neck pain include stiffness, an inability to move the neck freely, and pain as the neck is turned or used purposefully. Most people reduce their mobility immediately to compensate for the pain. Many people seek out pain relief medicines to reduce their pain. While taking pain medication can mask the symptoms of your neck pain, it’s only ever a temporary fix. Chronic neck pain is a condition that demands a permanent solution. Chiropractic care provides that solution.

Finding Real Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care is effective in treating many forms of chronic pain and dysfunction, including chronic neck pain. Manual adjustments, spinal decompression, and corrective exercises are just a few of the ways that our chiropractor can treat your chronic neck pain. The chiropractic care we provide realigns and strengthens your body so that you can heal naturally and reclaim your independence from pain.

At Mi Spine Management Clinic, we serve both Dearborn Heights and Allen Park and can give you the chiropractic care you need to finally break free from your chronic pain. Our chiropractic team focuses on what’s really causing your neck problems and concentrates on fixing them. If you’re tired of managing your pain day in and day out, give us a call to schedule an appointment for treatment. We will work on helping you eliminate your chronic pain for good.