Headache & Migraine FAQs

You may be plagued with recurring headaches and migraines. Though this can be difficult to manage, we offer treatment here at Mi Spine Management Clinic. Seeing a chiropractor for your headaches and migraines can be your best solution. We welcome you to discover how our team at our Dearborn Heights and Allen Park locations can help, so you do not have to suffer any longer.

Headache & Migraine FAQs

What Causes Migraines to Occur?

While there can be many causes of migraines, it has always been one big puzzle to figure out. There is a belief that abnormal serotonin levels result in nerve signals that cause changes in the cranial blood vessels. These changes cause the onset of a migraine.

What Is a Tension Headache?

The result of muscular tension within the neck or shoulder muscles is known as a tension headache. Sensitive membranes are tugged on when muscles begin to spasm. This produces pain signals within the head.

Why Do I Keep Getting Recurring Tension Headaches?

A musculoskeletal strain is the result of tension headaches that keep happening. Emotional stress can cause tightness and worsen tension headaches. Cervical misalignments that result in the weight of your head being off-balance may also cause recurring tension headaches.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Migraine Headaches?

Typical migraine headaches consist of nausea, blurred vision, fainting or dizziness, and hypersensitivity to lights or sounds.

What Could Be Triggering My Migraine Attacks?

Many factors can contribute to a migraine attack. It can sometimes be hard to figure out. However, it can result from certain beverages or foods, allergens, medications, airborne irritants, lights, sounds, hormonal changes, weather changes, or even physical and emotional stress.

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Headache Issues?

Chiropractic care consists of correcting misalignment problems resulting in your head sitting unevenly on your spinal column. Our chiropractors will be able to straighten your cervical alignment, which takes the strain off of your shoulders and neck.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me with My Migraines?

Migraine attacks can be reduced drastically through chiropractic care. The severity and frequency of your migraines will improve significantly. Chiropractors will use techniques to normalize your nerve function. This results in a reduction of those abnormal responses that cause migraines.

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