Meet The Doctor

Dr. Mustafa Raychouni

Dr. Mustafa Raychouni graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor's in Liberal arts and kinesiology. Here he was part of the Cleveland state men's soccer team who competed in NCAA div 1. Outside of competing in athletics Dr. Mustafa also contributed to the aid of campus athletes by helping with recovery and rehabilitation in the athletic department.

During His schooling, Dr. Mustafa was involved in many different clinical settings, but he found his true passion working with an official USA Olympic Doctor in Long Beach, California. This is where he was mentored by one of the best and was able to gain experience in a clinical setting unlike any other. This is where he was able to treat NCAA men's and women's athletes as well and USA Olympic athletes treating many different types of injuries and symptoms.

Through personal experience as an athlete and by working with one of the mostly highly educated doctors, I believe that every patients' needs are different and unique from one another. Not every knee injury is the same and thus should be treated differently.

By integrating full-body adjustments in conjunction with muscle therapy, injury specific exercises, modalities, and nutritional recommendation based on your specific needs, I hope to provide the most efficient and effective game plan that is specific to YOU.