Shoulder Injury From Auto Accident

If you've been in an auto accident, there's a good chance you've obtained an injury, even if you don't know it right away. Because an accident carries such a strong emotional component, even with smaller fender benders, injuries such as shoulder injuries are sometimes delayed by several days. Regardless of what you feel immediately, a chiropractor can assess how the accident affected you and can help you stay ahead of your injury to minimize the long-term effects and properly connect your injury to the accident to help with any insurance claim you may need to make.

Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

Why the Shoulder is Vulnerable to Auto Accident Injuries

The shoulder is very complex, with many bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It is common for left shoulder injuries to happen when the vehicle jerks and the seat belt pushes against the shoulder. Trying to brace yourself for a hit can also be felt in the shoulder, and the shoulder is also the closest thing to the door. 

Any of the components of the shoulder can be affected by an accident. Some of the most obvious shoulder injuries are dislocations and broken bones. Muscle tears might not be immediately obvious but can cause long-term pain and immobility if left untreated. Seeing an auto accident chiropractor can help to properly define your injury so that you can get the shoulder pain treatment you need.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment From Our Chiropractor in Dearborn Heights and Allen Park

Once it is determined that you have a shoulder injury, our chiropractor can look closely at the injury to determine the best way to treat it. Not only will you receive shoulder pain treatment, but your chiropractor can also help with managing the stress from the accident, and help you strengthen your muscles in a way that minimizes your risk of further injury. 

At MiSpine Chiropractic, we have locations in both Dearborn Heights and Allen Park, so you can pick the location that works best for you. The sooner you come in after a car accident, the more complete your care will be. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at MiSpine Chiropractic in Dearborn Heights at (313) 406-6002 or in Allen Park at (313) 768-5385.