Sports Injury

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me with a Sports Injury?

Active people get hurt from time to time. This is especially true if you play sports as a profession or for exercise. The result of a sports injury can cause pain and keep you from enjoying your sport. Our Mi Spine Management Clinics in Dearborn Heights and Allen Park, MI, can help you to heal properly from your injury and get you back to enjoying your sport.

Sports Injury

Injuries Sustained by Athletes

Athletes playing contact sports receive injuries to their heads, necks, backs, and spines. Cyclers, swimmers, and gymnasts suffer from strained muscles. Runners and weight lifters often suffer lower back injuries. Because of constant practice and workouts, athletes often have to deal with repetitive motion injuries. Some of these are felt in the legs, shoulders, lower back, or in the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of a repetitive motion injury often experienced by athletes. Shin splints is a repetitive strain injury that runners are often subjected to.

Chiropractic Care for Your Spine

Your chiropractor will examine your spine to determine if it is properly aligned. If adjustments are necessary, a chiropractor can gently make those adjustments to alleviate pain and inflammation. By making sure your vertebrae are aligned correctly, any pressure being put on nerves will be relieved. This will reduce pain and allow the nerves to work correctly. When your spine is aligned properly, it will perform better and be less prone to injury.

Chiropractic Treatment for Strains and Sprains

A muscle strain is caused by a muscle being stretched beyond its limits. This results in stiffness of the muscle, inflammation, and of course, pain. Various massage and other therapies will reduce inflammation to lessen pain and increase blood flow. These therapies and supportive exercises will help the affected muscle to heal and be strengthened.

A sprain is an injury to the connective tissues that hold two bones together. This stretching of connective tissues tears fibers making up those tissues. In addition to adjustments that can be made to the spine, adjustments can also be made to an injured joint to make sure it is aligned correctly after an injury. This will alleviate joint restrictions and malfunction, allowing connective tissues to heal faster. A variety of therapies in conjunction with targeted exercises will help strengthen the body and assist in its healing.

Chiropractor Treatment for Repetitive Motion Injuries 

Soft tissue therapy relaxes tense and sore muscles. Massage therapy will help to reduce swelling and allow nerves to work appropriately. Sound waves are being used successfully to relax muscles and reduce inflammation and pain. Targeted exercises will help to avoid a repeat injury.

Help with the Healing of Sports Injuries

Sport injuries may not only be painful, but keep you from enjoying your sport. Our experienced doctors at our Mi Spine Management Clinics located in Dearborn Heights and Allen Park, MI, can help you heal and strengthen your muscles and joints to prevent reinjury. Call us today to make an appointment and let our fine staff help you with your rehabilitation.